You want to sell and are looking for a buyer for your goods or inventory

We buy of all kinds of goods and company inventories in the Netherlands and Belgium. As a buyer, we are interested in goods from, for example, batch trade, old stocks, surplus stocks, returns, leftovers, subsidiaries and (imminent) bankruptcies. Contact us and indicate what your inventory or inventory consists of. We will contact you for a no-obligation valuation. Call 0031 - (0) 6 5157 1319 or 0031 - (0) 6 2397 8674 or click below.


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Buyer surplus stocks

opkoper voorraad

Do you have an old, redundant or obsolete stock and are you looking for a buyer? Then you have come to the right place. We are the buyer of the most diverse goods. Also goods that, for example, come from leftovers or returns. We buy almost everything!

Business termination

opkoper bedrijfsbeeindiging

Are you terminating your business and have an inventory and / or inventory and you are looking for a buyer? Let us know and we will, of course, contact you without obligation. Whether it is a catering company or a webshop, we buy almost everything.

Buyer in the event of bankruptcy

opkoper faillissement

Your company is in danger of going bankrupt or you are a liquidator and you are looking for a buyer for an inventory or inventory? Then contact us to request a no-obligation valuation. We have many years of experience in purchasing and resolving this type of business.

Buyer for the Netherlands and Belgium

Our working area as a buyer extends throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. For a free and entirely non-binding valuation you can fill in our form or contact us by telephone 0031 - (0) 6 5157 1319 or 0031 - (0) 6 2397 8674.


If necessary, Nexttrade has sufficient knowledge and options to completely relieve you. Our many years of experience as a buyer makes us the right place to convert your goods or inventory into money.

Buyer who also relieves

We are not only a buyer of goods or inventory. If desired, we can, for example, completely relieve you of the "broom clean" delivery of your business premises. Our knowledge and resources are more than sufficient to offer you a helping hand so that you don't have to worry about this as much as possible. Would you like to know more about the various options that we can offer you? Please contact us, we are happy to help.

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We do not buy

  • used domestic items

  • used home furniture

  • used clothing

  • used shoes

  • used toys

  • used ICT

Request entered via our web form referring to abovementioned items will not be processed.

We do buy

  • obsolete stock, cancelled orders, overstocks, obsolete goods

  • (used) machinery and tools
  • (transport)-damages
  • warehouse- and showroom clearances and company movements

  • company termination and discontinued activities

  • goods with sales restrictions

  • excess company materials, such as office, warehouse and catering facilities
  • depreciated rolling goods such as (company)vehicles, trailers, fortlifts, etc.
  • packaging damages

  • excess company goods

  • store remnants, subsidiaries

  • returned goods

  • bankruptcies