Method of purchasing stocks and inventories

Our working method is characterized by the extensive service that we can offer, if necessary, when purchasing stocks and inventories. Naturally, every purchase starts with registering a stock or inventory. Registration is possible by telephone, e-mail and via our form. If we have received sufficient information, we can send you a no-obligation valuation for the notified stock or inventory. Of course it is also possible to make an appointment on a very short notice so that we can visit your company to view the goods or inventory.

If desired, we can completely relieve you

In consultation, we can further unburden you by providing additional services such as dismantling, packaging, palletizing and transport. We can, if desired, completely relieve you of the “broom clean” delivery of your business premises. Ask for the possibilities. Contact us and indicate what your inventory or inventory consists of. Call 0031 – (0) 6 5157 1319 or 0031 – (0) 6 2397 8674 or complete the form below.

Form for quick valuation of your goods

By means of filling out and sending the form below you are notifying us. We will work on a free and quick valuation of your goods.
Please make sure to share as much information as possible to contribute to a accurate estimation.

Apply for a free valuation without any obligation

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We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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